3  uncommon places to use your room and linen sprays

3 uncommon places to use your room and linen sprays

Just because these popular room and linen sprays are most commonly used in the bedroom, don't let that be the only place you use them. Our 2-ounce bottle is the perfect portable companion while you are out and about. Here are three places you can freshen while you are out:

  1. Your car: I like to call my car the mom mobile. Some days, she is nice and tidy; others, she has stray fries and chips everywhere. I use my room and linen spray on the floor mats to freshen her up. This makes my ride to work or to take the kids to activities refreshing. Who doesn't like good smells while running errands? Sweetest Intentions is my favorite scent in the car and on the go. It's sweet and spicy (just like me). It has sweet peach nectar, sugar, vetiver, and amber fragrance notes. 
  2. Your gym bag: I discovered this nifty hack when I started making room sprays. I go to the gym during lunch and leave my workout bag in the car with my sweaty clothes after working out. Of course, doing this would cause my gym bag to smell. However, now, after a good workout, I spray my workout bag a little before putting my clothes in it. This keeps my bag from smelling before I get home to take my workout clothes to be washed. A current favorite that I love to use is Sugar Island. It has notes of citrus, sea salt, and light musk.
  3. On the go: Being the mom of two girls, it seems like they always have to use the bathroom at the most inconvenient time. Public bathrooms are a place that I absolutely have a love-hate relationship with. Why are they so bad?!?! One way I have made this experience more enjoyable for myself and my girls is to carry Clorox wipes to clean the seats and room sprays to freshen it a little so we can breathe. I want to make my girls feel comfortable using the bathroom and hurry so we can get out of there as fast as possible. From the affirmation collection, Courage is the perfect scent in the bathroom. It has fragrance notes of sea salt, jasmine, and amber. 

Do you use your room and linen sprays in any uncommon places? Let me know below in the comments!

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