Keep Believing...

Keep Believing...

Snap the f*ck out of it! You are amazing beyond words. The joy you bring, the way you operate in your gift, your unique mannerism... are a few of the things that make you marvelous. Life may be handing out body blow by body blow, but you're still amazing. It may feel like your stuck in that same spot, but you're still amazing. It doesn't matter what is going on, YOU ARE STILL AMAZING!

Keep believing in your awesomeness! I am too :-)

Here are a few books I recommend if you are struggling with believing your unique awesomeness:

  1. The Mountain is You by Brianna West
  2. I Hope You Fail by Pinky Cole
  3. The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You by Lydia Fenet
  4. The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz
  5. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero
  6. How to Own Your Own Mind by Napoleon Hill

Talk back to me and let me know if you read any of these. They helped when in times when I am struggling. As a matter of fact, I am restarting The Four Agreements as we speak. I need a refresher because I am no longer agreeing. Lol.




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