Product of the Month: Room & Linen Spray

This month's product spot light belong to our Room & Linen Spray! These sprays are amazing from start to finish so let me tell you more about this product.
What is a Room Spray?
I am glad you asked. Our room and linen sprays are a quick way to freshen up any space. It is more concentrated than a typical air freshener and the fragrance lingers longer providing more time to enjoy it.
When should you use our Room & Linen Spray?
Our room sprays should be used whenever there is a need. The need can be to create a relaxing space, after cleaning and to seal in the I've just cleaned here memo, or to get rid of disgusting odors such as trash and musk. Since they can be used on fabric, you can use them on your furniture and linens for a lasting aroma and to provide comfort while sitting or lying down.
Where should you use our Room & Linen Sprays?
Our sprays are very versatile. They can be used in all rooms as air fresheners and on fabrics to extend the aroma. The places that we use our room sprays the most is bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, living rooms, and cars. We also love to spray our bedding, sofas, and rugs.
How do you use it?
Our sprays are very easy to use. You simply shake well, hold the bottle at least 6 inches away from the fabric or surface, and spray 3-6 pumps. That's it! Super easy process for instant joy.
Who should use room sprays?
Our Room & Linen Sprays should be used by responsible adults or children supervised by an adult to prevent injury.
Lastly, and most importantly, these Room & Linen Sprays are an instant way for you to change the aromas in your space. Our goal is that with these sprays, you will be able to create and keep an environment that smells amazing and also inspire you to perform self-care!

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