Does Size Really Matter?


Well... Does it? The answer is Yes, yes it does matter. Let me explain.

Before starting this journey of curating amazing fragrances, I would buy my candles from big box stores. I looked forward to candle day all year so that I could stock up on my favorite fragrances. I know you guys can relate to standing in line waiting for the opportunity to walk into the store. Once inside, you're on a mission to secure your favorite fragrance before another soul walks up and takes the last one. There's no pain like missing out on something you had your heart and mind set on getting. I mean it was on your list after all. After I would get my fair share, I would go home super excited and ready to transform my "regular" smelling home into this exotic destination advertised on the candle label.

I loved my candles so much that I would run through my hefty supply in about 2 months. Then I would be back to waiting for the next candle day sale. During the waiting time, I would soothe my candle needs by purchasing the smaller ones. But somehow, those candles never seemed to bring me as much joy. Don't get me wrong, they smelled beautifully when you put them to your nose. But once they were lit, you could barely smell it in my large living area. I could smell it if I was passing by it, but not anywhere else. I assumed this was normal; so for years, I have been living with just smelling my candles when I am close to them unless on the off chance, I caved and purchased a larger candle.

But ohhhhhh have a I learned the truth and now I thought I would share the truth with you BFF, SIZE DOES MATTER!

Here are our recommendations for using Best Friend Fragrances:

  • 4 oz travel candle tins: Fragrance will fill your bathroom and bedroom spaces. It is best used in closed areas.

  • 10 oz or larger candles: Fragrance will fill your open living areas. It is best used in open concept spaces.

  • Wax Melts: Use as much as you like and the fragrance will fill space. I love using our wax melts in the living room/kitchen.

Oh and one other thing, don't be afraid to use MULTIPLE candles at once! I highly recommend using multiple to give you the right ambience. Plus, it's a chance to create a custom blend for yourself. If multiple, candles isn't your vibe, you can combine these candles with our room sprays for an instant refresher. Set the vibe for your space BFF. We are here to meet you right where you are!





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