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In April, I had the chance to participate in a 2 day vendor expo. It was a wonderful experience. I was able to network and meet some amazing vendors and new #BFFSQUAD members. I loved being able to interact safely with my tribe. During one of my interactions, I had the chance to explain my products and the ingredients I used. I didn't mind answering the questions, but it did make me think I should share some of my responses with everyone here. So I am going to tell everyone the secrets of BFFragrances. Here goes:
  1. What do you use to make your candles? BFFragrances use 100% pure soy wax and fragrance oil to craft our hand poured candles. We follow the IFRA regulations to ensure that the products we craft are safe for our BFFs.

  2. Why did you choose Soy Wax? As I was researching candles, I realized there were tons of waxes to choose for. Soy wax that was not blended appealed to me because I have children. As a parent, I want to create the safest environment that I can for their safety. Since I can control my wax, I chose not to include any other additives in my products.

  3. Do you use any additives for scent throw? No. I only use the soy wax and fragrance oils. I chose not to use the additives as a way for me to control the products introduced around my family. It's a small step but it comforts me knowing that I am doing my best.

  4. Since there are no additives, how is the performance of your products? I know what I think of my products. But I invite you to give them a chance and let me know what you think. I don't want to sway you; but, let's just say I am happy with the performance of my products.

  5. Do you blend the fragrances yourself? Some of the BFF Moments, are blended by me. This creates a custom blend and I love it. Other's I enjoy them when I purchase. Since I enjoy them as purchased, I don't alter them.

  6. What's the average burn time on your candles? Our candles have a burn time of 25+ hours starting for the travel tins. If you care for your candles properly, you can easily extend the life of your candles without any issues.

These were the most frequently asked questions of the weekend and I enjoyed answering each one. I you have any specific questions as well, please don't hesitate to ask.



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