Meet Your B.F.F.


I started Best Friend Fragrances as a way to share myself with the world. I always ask myself what's the best quality that I have and it truly is I have the ability to make people comfortable and create a space where they feel free to express themselves. Complete strangers feel comfortable to talk about their most intimate details of life with me upon meeting. I am not a trained counselor, just a person that recognizes everyone needs to feel like they have a friend on their side.

So to capture my spirit, I decided to provide luxury fragrances that meet my new Best Friends Forever (BFFs) where they are. My goal is to be there with you in all aspects of life. If you're angry, I have a scent for that. Major deadline coming up and you need to concentrate, I have a scent for that. Want to celebrate your major milestone, I have a scent for that! 

I am here to share my light and walk with you through all your life experiences. I am the Best Friend you will always have, FOREVER!